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Huh. [Jan. 22nd, 2009|12:17 pm]
So apparently the last time I posted here was before Christmas. Much has happened, of varying degrees of interest. Let me explain. No, is too much. Let me sum up. (five points if you got the reference.)

Spent an evening with Mssrs. Young and Sammis just prior to Christmas. Hung out for a few hours, with the understanding that I would need to be back at my cousin's house so she could go to work (her kids were at their dad's but coming back before Sunday night). Then, out of the blue, my cousin calls and says that because of the approaching weather she's going to let her ex keep the boys over night--the odds of them actually having school the next day are kinda slim, and anyhow better that they miss a day or half a day than get in an accident coming home in a blizzard. Then Jamie invited me to supper at his folks' house in Wolcott. Awesome place. I always forget they have money, though, and it made me a little uncomfortable--more so when the other dinner guests arrived. Long-time friends of the family. But they were nice people. I had a lot of fun repairing relations with Jamie's mother (who seems to think I have a raging drinking problem after last time she saw me [it was after my orals. I bought lots of booze, and no one showed up for my post-orals party. So I drank it myself.]) Then the weather turned so bad that I was told I needed to stay over in Wolcott. So I did, and made it back to Mo-town the next afternoon. Packed my things, went home that Tuesday. Very glad to see my family.
     Christmas was a small affair, just me and my folks. Saw everyone else on New Year's, when we all got together for our usual gift exchange etc. We did something new this year, a Yankee Swap. Lots of fun. I think Mom wants to instigate one again this year. I didn't get a lot of loot, as we used to call it, but I didn't need a lot. You see, a guy like me...a guy like me... (five points for this one)

Back in Morrisville now. Doing as much subbing as I can, watching the boys on the day shift now--still three days a week, but now in the mornings, getting them on the bus, and at night, helping with homework, feeding them supper. And I'm writing again. Some of you probably know that, since I've been asking people via email to read a teleplay I'm writing once it's done. I'm in the first stage of revising (one character hardly appears at all until the final couple pages, and that needs to be fixed. Several patches of ugly dialogue, too), and hope to have it finished by the tail end of next week at the absolute latest--shouldn't be that long, even. So, if anyone here wants to read it, and give feedback, let me know and I'll email it when it's finished.

Heather sent me an unexpected Christmas gift, a copy of Ron Paul's The Revolution, and much to my surprise I actually agree with him on a lot of things. There are of course a number of places where we disagree, but overall its quite a fascinating read. I recommend it to anyone reading this.

Also, does anyone know what the FCC's actual position on feces is? I have this idea, but I'm not sure if it's actually acceptable to show crap on tv. Not someone going to the bathroom or anything, just...crap.

Finally, for good measure, two more quotes for points:
"Oh, my Christ. Let me out." (5 points)
"Better than going 10-200." (5 points)
"Gooble-gabble, we accept her. One of us, one of us." (10 points)

Did you manage 30 points?